There Is a Storybook Character Costume For You.

Cinderella Xparent 2

No matter whether it is a classic or modern Storybook character costume you are looking for they are all available here. If you don’t see the one you are looking for just click here to browse the complete selection.

Costumes are just not for Halloween anymore. Costume and theme parties have become very popular and will probably continue to grow in popularity as the economy continues to languish and folks look for a diversion to take the edge off.

Costumes can be found in all types, styles and sizes for men, women and children. One of the most popular categories is the storybook character costume, where you or someone from your family can become any one of a number of fictional characters. Tried and true characters such as Robin Hood, Sleeping BeautyA Sleeping Beauty Remake With Angelina Jolie As Maleficent. Read more ... », Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and even the Big Bad Wolf can be found on the racks. This doesn’t mean that the more modern characters aren’t there also; one of the things costume manufacturers are really good at is producing the latest hot commodity as a costume. Examples of this would be Harry Potter, Star Wars, Narnia and this coming year Cinderella.

Find Your Favorite Storybook Character!

  A storybook outfit that has been designed for a child can become one of the cutest things on the planet as your child marches up to his or her first door on Halloween. That same costume designed for an adult can be just as cute or alluring as you wish it to be. As a matter of fact a lot of these adult costumes bare (heavy on the word bare) little resemblance to their child counterparts.

Here are a few of the most popular costumes for 2013.

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Charlie
  • Avatar Characters
  • Transformers
  • Morh Suits
  • Starwars Characters
  • Vampire Characters
  • Captain America

If you will take note a number of the above costumes represent film characters. Many of today’s most popular films have spawned equally popular costumes. How many of these films had their start as books, essays, short stories or even comic books? The answer is most. For example the ever popular Robin Hood was written in 1450 by Thomas Mallory, it is still one of the more popular outfits and Sleeping Beauty in the mid 1600’s, which is popular with pre-teen girls. These new modern entries are just the evolution of the storybook taking place. These new characters now take their place next to the vintage ones.